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The Ideal Accounting and ERP Software for a Importers Business

“Yes , the shipment left Germany on june 23rd and delivered directly to the customer on july 27th. And all of the documentation was emailed to the custome house broker ,and the goods have been cleared.Our pofit on the transaction will be $3,4400.00 shown by Aayat Software”

AAYAT Software for Importers is designed specifically for Importers and Wholesale Distributors to improve business efficiencies in the area of shipment (venture) tracking, inventory management and associated logistics.

Any Importing business knows how difficult it can be to determine profit and loss. Central to this is the importance of understanding your Landed and Delivered Costs, without which setting your Selling Price becomes 'enlightened guesswork'. AAYAT provides information transparency, powerful landed costs facilities and a raft of other features which enable your business to meet the unique challenges you face

Not only to calculate the actual cost in the competative business world is necessary but also to calculate estimated cost of the import is necessary to pose the challenge to our competitors.

Our in-depth understanding of the needs of Importer businesses has produced a solution which will enable you to prosper in today's demanding business climate.

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