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Software DevelopmentWe focus on quality and cost-effective soltuions

What We Provide

We have an excellent team of software development professionals who are experienced enough to develop software of any complexity. We provide turnkey solutions from front-end design & development to backend programming and maintenance. Our team uses latest technologies and industry trends to develop your software in order to give you the best. All our software product engineering services are offered in a flexible blend of onsite, offsite and offshore mode.

Our Development Platforms

Software Product Architecture Design

Product Lifecycle

Hiya Softech's software product architecture design & development services convert the product concept to a blueprint for execution, which turns into a product design, which in turn is converted into working software, keeping a keen eye on that delicate balance between time-to-market, functionality, performance benchmarks and quality.

In today's fast-paced business world, our clients have to stay ahead of the competition by maintaining aggressive product release schedules to deliver new updates, features, functions and performance benchmarks, while simultaneously retaining their current customers by continuously delighting them.

Software Testing And Quality Assurance

Product Development

Strong emphasis on Software Testing and Quality Assurance is essential for technology companies as they ensure higher quality at lower costs, reduce release cycle, increase client satisfaction and enhance competitive edge. Our software testing and QA services can help your company stay competitive in today's dynamically changing market place

At Hiya Softech, we can maintain the overall product development costs to be significantly low, while maintaining high level of product quality. Our experience in working with commercial tools that are popularly used in software testing and quality assurance services has resulted in higher overall end-user satisfaction for our clients.

Round The Clock Technical Support

Outsourcing Solutions

Software companies need to provide 24-hour online technical support in addition to the email and voice tech support for all their commercial products. A software company's technical support team needs to respond quickly to any situation and provide immediate solutions. This can be achieved only through a robust technical support team that can handle email support, voice support, and online support with ease.

Since solving technical problems on a daily basis requires a considerable effort and commitment from software companies, it can divert valuable time away from important development efforts. When the customer support issues heat up, developers get sucked into those issues, thus adversely affecting the new product release schedules.